You'll be so happy with your work done,that you'll forget you payed for it.

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As a graphic designer he is responsible for creating design solutions that have a high visual impact. His role involves listening to clients and understanding their needs before making design decisions.

He has studied computer science since 1993 and as a self-taught person, he's reached really far on this arena. All his knowledge is at your service right now.

He is officially registered as a graphic designer at the ONDi and he is autorized to develop the visual communication design activity in Cuba.

  • His Clients Among his clients you could find Eni, TBWA, Melià, The DJ Lounge, ETECSA, MINTUR, MINSAP, MINED, Instituto de Filosofía, but he still believes that you are the most important one. You better find out why.
  • Current Job He works as a full-time graphic designer for Desoft since August, 2000. But he is also a member of the creative group at the Asociación Cubana de Comunicadores Sociales (ACCS) since January 2012.

Testimonies This is the opinion from one of his clients.

Thanks to God, to the ingenuity and dedication of the creator of our logo, our small family business has one of the best logo designs ever seen in our city; I really am very pleased with the work done by this designer and personally, I consider him as one of the best designers of our country (Cuba). Quality, punctuality and reliability in his services is something worth noting”.
Alexander Pérez Herrero
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